Monday, April 9, 2012

Camels and Cows and other Hero's

Easter Greetings from India..
The last few days I have spent in Delhi seeing old suppliers and finding new ones. There's no trade fair on so it's back to basics finding new suppliers ie pounding the streets. As luck would have it a friend of mine who is a fully qualified OIH.. that's an "Old India Hand" was also in Delhi and he introduced me to a couple of wholesale handicraft areas I wasn't aware of. Found supplies of all sorts of things I have been seeking for years.. with the added advantage of my friend speaking Hindi which opened more doors. One particular warren of streets street was great, a piece of real India.. complete with camels, holy cows, holy men and buffalo carts. Right in the heart of Delhi. Some pictures below.

It's Easter - which is a time for thinking about renewal, and this time in India I can really feel a fresh breeze of renewal blowing away the dust of self interest and corruption. I can see it in little things like cleaner streets and less hassle from street vender's. Even the business deals are more straight-forward. There is an old man called Anna who set himself up in a Delhi public park and started to starve himself for better anti-corruption laws in India. Even before the hunger pangs had set in, the Indian government had capitulated to all his demands. Democracy in action. Now Anna is the biggest hero in India since Gandhi.. no exaggeration.

Talking of democracy - while checking out the central Tibetan market (not very good), I found myself in the midst of a huge Islamic anti-America march. Demanding that America stay out of Libya. My man in Delhi was panicking as he thought the mob might think my white skin was white Yankee skin.. but I just kept smiling waving and taking pictures. Since mine was the only camera around they seemed delighted to be photographed and although angry they were good natured. I stood in the mid-flow taking snaps - until my man dragged me away.
  Down with America!
_SAM3288.jpg _SAM3336.jpg On the streets..
   Product ideas what do you think?

Take care.. and have a great Easter. If you are trading, I hope you can find some time to relax.