Friday, May 9, 2014

Keep Calm it's Buddha Day

Greetings, serenity and inner calm. I'm at Ancient Wisdom HQ this week, and calmness abounds. Yes really. 
This week has been busy at AW (a short week because of the Bank Holiday) but we found time to install our new giant Buddha on the entrance to our complex.
Here are some pictures. Looks nice and calming and serene.. don't you think? One guy said "Wow looks great I want one, but I guess they cost a couple of thousand pounds".
We installed it on the 6th of May which just happened to be International Buddha Day, and Buddha's birthday.
Yes, we had one before, our last Buddha, was a little smaller but in a gale force wind the poor chap was whisked away to nirvana. Or maybe he just levitated and landed a few feet away as a kind of sign that we need to be calmer and more unselfish at AW. We don't as far as I know have any real live Buddhists at AW, and hope we don't cause offence to any, but it is strange how the Buddha statue does bring a sense of calm to all who see it.
These statues are made in Yogyakarta on the island of Java. Not far from one of the oldest, and the largest Buddhist shrine in the world.
This is Borobudur home to 504 Buddha statues and not far from our supplier.
They are cast using a mix of resin, cement and gypsum. Hollow inside, so not impossible to move, but solid enough to look and feel like a real statues. Can you sell them?
The perceived value is high, and we can ship direct to your customers, via our drop-shipping site. So in other words, you can have one as a display, and have them delivered to your customers each time you sell one. They truly look the business in any garden, hotel lobby, restaurant or luxury chillout lounge :)
So hoping you find inner peace and calm.. (it says let go of your ego and reflect on your navel here).. have a great weekend!
Made in Indonesia and shipped direct to us they represent excellent value.
Available to pre-order.