Friday, September 30, 2016

The Final Custodian

The Final Custodian.
Greetings from Sheffield, I'm at Ancient Wisdom HQ, this week and next.
Last week I was telling you about Village Bothering in the beautiful Ubud area of Bali. You canread about it here.
Since then I have flown from Denpasar, Bali to Kuala Lumpur, one meeting in the airport with our IT wizard who lives there and then a Turkish Airways flight to Istanbul. First time with Turkish airways and I would highly recommend - the best food and service in the air I can remember. A nice touch was an actual candle light dinner - ok led candles, and full silver service with food served by someone in a chefs outfit. And they even had wifi. It's a long time since I have been to Istanbul, but I could see from the air it's a huge city. Just recovering from an attempted coup. You do wonder.. but the airport was the busiest hub ever with huge hectic shops and everywhere a giant mad rush - thousands of folks from all over the world changing planes and heading off again. Then, I find my flight, a peaceful run down to Manchester. To England, to earth.
It's always good to come home. In fact within an hour or so it's like I never left. The team at AW are amazing, all sorts of ideas and plans. It's life at a hundred miles an hour as I try to wrestle with all the things that need thinking about and need my decisions or input on. And it's Christmas already and it real is. The amount of orders we are trying to get despatched is it seems beyond our capacity, so this week I have mostly been involved to figuring out how to speed up our picking, packing and despatch without compromising the care and quality of packing.
I need to talk to everyone and connect, to find out if the passion for gifts is truly running in everyone's veins. Because I really believe it is important to love what you do. If that is: hand crafting lavender soap loaves, or bubble wrapping bath bombs or taking pictures of Minimalist Christmas Trees from Bali... We are all artizans in a way, just like the people in India, or Java or Yiwu who make stuff, here in Sheffield (I'm sure you know) we make aromatherapy and bathroom gifts also. AW is a hub, just like Istanbul airport, carrying a million expressions of love (that's what a gift is) this way and that.. and finally we despatch to their final custodians..
That's you. The final artisans, the final custodians, delivering (retailing) the gifts of love to the, lover, the wife, the mother the son. "I bought you something" - It means.. "I love you" it means "I care" it means "I'm sorry". What does it mean to you?
Here are a few pictures of the AW hub in action.. you can find more on my instagram feed right here. Instagram
So here's the thing.. Send us your in shop pictures on instagram of facebook or directly by email of that final act of retailing gifts to your customers.
To the top fifty pictures sent this weekend we will send a free shipping voucher. And the winning picture as judged by the good folk in the marketing department, will get a bonus prize of £100 voucher to spend on the next order.
So get your smart phone snapping and save money have fun, and yes.. spread a little love. And don't forget to add your email address with your pictures so we can get back to you :)
Hope you are busy and having a great day..
Take care.